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Trixie Swallows

Hot tub hoochie

Posted in Unspecified

I opened my mouth wide, stuck out my cum catching tongue and stroked him to a very big orgasm right into my mouth. He was very tasty, as most young studs are, and I swallowed the whole load in one gulp. Since I was finished with him, I smacked him on the ass and sent him on his handyman way. I was hot and would need that air conditioner when I was finished with the hot tub.

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Valentines Day cream

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I went to the store and bought this hot little teddy and some decorations for Valentine’s Day because Tony and I have never really stopped to enjoy this holiday together.
We usually just exchange cards and move on with our lives. This year I insisted that we stop to enjoy it. We are at a different place in our lives than we have previously been, and we have been together as a couple for three years now, so I think it’s time! And yes I put my foot down.
Only bad part is that he left to go out of town for a meeting early in that day and didn’t think he was going to make it back in time for our dinner reservations. He woke me up early that morning by plopping a dozen roses on my chest, singing to me, and then handed me a card.
Talk about Valentine’s Day ambush! What a sweet way to wake up though. Then a little while later he was out the door. I got out of the house so I didn’t think about him being so far away, and spent the day at the gym torturing myself. I wanted to burn off some extra calories for the meal we were going to indulge in later. Finally late afternoon turned into darkness and it was time to go home and get a shower and start the waiting game. I slid into my new lacy teddy, and decorated the bed with some giant red foil hearts and some heart shaped lights. I had bought a cheesy romance novel to set the mood for both of us, so I climbed into bed to wait for him and read my novel. Minutes turned into hours and finally the phone rang making me jump. I sprang to answer it, only to hear my dismayed lover on the other end saying he didn’t know how much longer he was going to be on the road but he didn’t think he would be back anytime soon.
Traffic was bad, there was an accident, something I didn’t hear because my little spirit was crushed. He said he was thinking about me, that he loved me and would be home as soon as he could and we hung up the phone. With a giant sigh, I sank back into my pillows and tears welled up in my eyes.
Suddenly I heard a key in the front door, then it was opening, and in walked my tall, dark and handsome sweet, sweet lover!!! I nearly leaped out of my skin, my heart did backflips in my chest as he walked over to the bed and handed me one single perfect red rose and suddenly all was right in the world again. I had missed him so terribly and thinking we wouldn’t get to celebrate together made my heart really ache for him. I demanded that he get on the bed so I could give him his blowjob, and he didn’t argue. He was out of his clothing so fast I didn’t even notice he was ever wearing any. I took his manhood in my lips and noticed that he was already engorged. He said he had an erection the whole last two hours of the ride home thinking about what tonight was going to be like. I pushed his cock deeper in my throat wanting to gobble him all up, and began to slowly slide back and forth with my tongue. He tasted so incredibly good tonight and I know it was because I had missed him……

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Naked invites

Posted in Unspecified

We went to the big adult show held in Vegas, Internext. The show celebrates the adult industry and allows adult’s in the industry a chance to take a break from that hard work of producing content for our websites. It is a great place to meet people like us, who dedicate their life to creating a website to share with our members. Tony and I made a few contacts, we met Maryanne, Paige, Anna, Karen, Lynae and Angel and had a few drinks and dinner with them and their partners. After getting comfortable with our new friends we offered to have them come back to our place for some filming fun.
It did not take long for the seven of us girls to get to romping around on the bed and posing for the cameras. Tony was busy adjusting lights and getting the best shots he could while I found myself with hands and mouth wandering around some nice soft tits. We had a free for all, moving from one body to the next. Licking, getting licked. Sucking, getting sucked. Fingering, getting fingered. We were having so much fun teasing the guys. Not all of the girls brought along a guy so the air was thick with anticipation, who was going to be the lucky guy with more than one girl? We continued to play with each other until we started seeing the men getting huge bulges in their pants……..

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Double trouble

Posted in Unspecified

Tony and I love to roleplay as you may have noticed, LOL. Tony has always been eyeing my good friend, Austin, and I finally talked her into a little fun role playing with Tony and me. The deal was, we would pretend to be hired ladies and please Tony… but ONLY after we had our fun first. So after our bit of role playing as ladies of the night we hit him with the deal– “We need to warm up for a little bit.” Tony agreed but did not know how hot we would get.
Tony pointed us to the bed and we climb in and got right into the action. I rubbed her nice size breasts in my hands licking them and feeling her hard nipples. She was feeling my heat and wanted to have me do more with other parts of her body and bent over to point me in the right direction. I slipped her thong off her and spun her around so I could open the soft folds of her pussy Austin began to moan in ecstasy at my licks, so I buried my face in her twat and went to town. I started flicking my tongue over her clit and moved my tongue to taste her fragrant juices…….

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Racey red velvet

Posted in Unspecified

This set was taken on the evening of the Fourth of July with a huge audience! Not like the audience at my club either. These were conservative Naples beach goers that I think eventually called the police. Some of them were shot out on the balcony and when I looked down, there was a crowd of people looking up at me, and some of them were even video taping me!!! It made it really interesting when it came time to get naked and there were three police officers staring back up at me. But hey, it was a private residence, what could they do?

Haha! Come see all of me!


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